The precedent has been set by the Crooked J6 Committee and Crooked DC judges….

Whenever you “storm the Capitol” and overtake it, you must go to prison.

For multiple years.

Looks like we’re going to need more prisons built because this is a full-scale Insurrection.

I have video.

First we start with MTG who is reporting live on the scene:

More here:

WATCH: Pro-Palestinian hoard stages insurrection inside US Capitol, yelling pro-Palestinian incantations with massive banners reading “LET GAZA LIVE” with occupying halls used by Congressmen and staff

Looks terrifying!

Is our Capitol under siege?





Of course Brian Krassen is on the case to tell you why it’s clearly NOT an insurrection:

Leave it to Brian to rationalize it.

He plays his role well.

Do you agree with what he wrote?

This is NOT an “Insurrection”

The outrage by Marjorie Taylor Greene & others over a group of Jewish Americans peacefully protesting in the Cannon Rotunda for a “ceasefire” is nuts:

1) These people did not call for the hanging of political figures or assault Capitol police.

2) These people did not break into the building.


3) These people did not claim to want to interfere in a government proceeding.

4) These people did not have intent to overthrow the certification of a free and fair election.

5) There was no major violence reported.

6) These people did not destroy government property and threaten politicians.

7) These people were in fact arrested for protesting.

Stop the false outrage.

Looks violent to me!

Looks terrifying!

Looks like an occupying force!

Simple question, which one looks more peaceful to you?

It looks to me like a Government Building that has been occupied by a foreign force:




Or is it “ok” because it’s a Far-Left pro-Terrorist group?

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