Protests broke out in New York City yesterday, with pro-Palestinian groups stirring up trouble in different areas of the city. The previous night, pro-Palestinian groups roamed the streets of Los Angeles to harass people in a heavily Jewish area of the city.

Random attacks on Jews are a frightening reminder of the treatment of Jewish citizens in the 1930s.

Roaming thugs attacked diners:

Pro-Palestine “protesters” in NYC threw a water bottle at a diner and his wife (I just missed getting it on video). The man threw the bottle back & the “protesters” spit on him & tried to attack him.

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Throwing explosives at Jews in NYC is the new normal.

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ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Tonight, pro-Palestinian individuals were driving with megaphones around La Cienega & Beverly (a heavily Jewish area) in Los Angeles and threw objects at Jews at a restaurant table. Some threw things back.

The pro-Palestinian group came to the sidewalk to fight.


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