Catherine Herridge is reporting on the expanding investigation into the corrupt attempts by intel to destroy President Trump:

The Italian Prime Minister just testified to Parliament that he set up the Barr meeting with Italian officials.

…And that meeting expanded the Durham probe into corruption within intel community against Trump.

There are many legs to this story that just keep growing. This is one of them.

Watch as the evidence grows that our intel was weaponized to try and destroy Trump, the louder the Democrats will scream impeachment. It’s a race to get impeachment done before the truth comes out that GCHG (British Intel), FBI/ DOJ, Australia, and Italy aka as ‘The Five Eyes’ were all involved in the effort to harm a duly elected American president because he didn’t fit the globalist agenda: Did Obama Go Around U.S. Intel to Spy on Trump? British Intel Chief Abruptly Resigns After Trump Inauguration [Video]

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Conservative Treehouse previously reported on the lies from John Brennan about the Steele Dossier aka “The Crown Material”

In May 2019 former House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy stated there are emails from former FBI Director James Comey that outline instructions from CIA Director John Brennan to include the “Crown Material” within the highly political Intelligence Community Assessment.

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Specifically outlined by Gowdy, the wording of the Comey email is reported to say:

Brennan is insisting the Crown Material be included in the intel assessment.”

However, on May 23rd, 2017, in testimony -under oath- to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence John Brennan stated:

GOWDY: Director Brennan, do you know who commissioned the Steele dossier?

BRENNAN: I don’t.

GOWDY: Do you know if the bureau [FBI] ever relied on the Steele dossier as part of any court filing, applications?

BRENNAN: I have no awareness.

GOWDY: Did the CIA rely on it?


GOWDY: Why not?

BRENNAN: Because we didn’t. It wasn’t part of the corpus of intelligence information that we had. It was not in any way used as a basis for the Intelligence Community Assessment that was done. Uh … it was not.

This is a lie and isn’t the only blatant lie that Brennan has told regarding the investigation. Brennan isn’t alone in his effort to deceive those who want to get to the bottom of what happened starting years ago to frame President Trump. James Clapper has also told lies that should have him in hot water but he’s a pundit on TV now. Go figure…

Maria Bartiromo discusses Brennan and Clapper in May of this year. She’s one smart cookie!

Charges of perjury and more should be coming Brennan’s way. With the expansion of the investigation into what really went on within the intel community to set Trump up, let’s hope that someone finally pays a price for the corruption:

One America News reports that US officials say US attorney John Durham has requested an interview from John Brennan and plans to request James Clapper also sit down with him as part of his review of the 2016 Russia collusion investigation.

Time to play hardball with these corruptocrats.


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