Donors served Project Veritas Board of Directors’ a Cease and Desist letter on Thursday as they prepared to meet and determine the future of founder James O’Keefe with the company. Earlier in the week, complaints were leveled against O’Keefe which listed staff complaints centered around O’Keefe being a problematic boss to some employees.

“James is Project Veritas” is trending on Twitter as media members and fans express shock over O’Keefe’s situation. O’Keefe founded, launched, and made Project Veritas a household name, so why would the board seek to remove him? 

Twitter account holder Swig tweeted a photo of the letter that was sent by law firm Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders. The letter states the firm represents many Project Veritas donors.
“The big wig donors to Project Veritas are not taking the board actions against James O’Keefe lying down,” Swig tweeted.


The Attorney’s letter state that the “firm represents a large group of significant donors to Project Veritas who have grave concerns about the Board of Directors’ reported action to remove Founder and CEO Jame O’Keefe from his leadership position, change the structure of the Project Veritas entities and their Boards (raising risks for the entities’ charitable status), and operate Project Veritas for purposes other than those for which the organization was established.

“By taking or threatening these actions, the Board is straying from its roots and the express purpose for which it raised considerable funds from the public, including our clients. We are concerned that the Board may already be acting in violation of Virginia charitable solicitation and trust law and ask that the Board refrain from taking further actions to fundamentally undermine the purposes for which Project Veritas be established. We also ask that funds donated to Project Veritas be preserved and not spent for purposes not contrary to those for which they were solicited.”

The letter then gives the background of O’Keefe’s hard work that has resulted in contributions and grants doubling and that Project Veritas “has solicited funds for the purpose of supporting Mr. O’Keefe in his mission.”

An explanation of the Virginia Charitable Solicitation and Trust Law was cited, which “makes clear that funds solicited for a specific purpose must be used for the ‘solicited purpose’ and funds raised by ‘general appeals’ must be used for the general purposes of the charitable…organization.” It went on to express a concern that the “Board’s actions to restrict or remove Mr. O’Keefe from his position, take control of the Project Veritas entities and operate them in a manner inconsistent with the purpose for which the entities were established would violate Virginia law.”

The conclusion of the letter states that when the board meets to decide on “further steps towards reducing Mr. Okeefe’s leadership role and authority resulting in a redirection of the mission of Project Veritas. We ask that the board immediately cease and desist from taking such steps.” The letter closes with a request to preserve all evidence.


Swig Tweeted, “Looks like they have hired a big-name law firm that sent a letter which seems to suggest the board is running afoul of Virginia law and exposing themselves to substantial liability!” 

He also tweeted, “Why don’t they understand? James is Project Veritas. Project Veritas is James. We, the People, stand with James!”


Jack Posobiec tweeted that as of early evening Friday, there was not a decision at Project Veritas.
“UPDATE: Project Veritas board meeting has ended, no decision made yet on James O’Keefe.

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