On Thursday, Elon Musk had an “all hands on deck” meeting with Twitter’s employees, where he answered their questions and attempted to allay concerns they had about his political views and vision for Twitter.

Musk starts out by stating a vision for Twitter that lines up with what he’s said in the past, including advocating for free speech for all political groups on Twitter as long as they don’t violate the law.

After being asked about his political views and the limits of free speech on Twitter, Musk went on to say that there is “freedom of speech” as well as “freedom of reach.”

He hinted that people who make “outrageous” statements may get limited reach on the platform.

Twitter and Facebook have long used a practice called ‘shadow banning’ to throttle the reach of conservative social media users.  The process bumps posts of disfavored accounts down to the bottom of people’s feeds and limits their ability to reach their audience.

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In footage obtained by Project Veritas of Thursday’s meeting with Twitter employees, Elon Musk stressed the importance of having free speech on the platform he is in the process of purchasing.

“I think it’s essential to have free speech and for — and to be able to communicate, yeah, just communicate freely,” the SpaceX and Tesla CEO said in the virtual meeting.

“In order for people to have trust in Twitter, I think it’s extremely important that there’d be transparency,” Musk later added.
Musk also stressed the importance of Twitter not “driving a narrative” on its platform.

“If there are multiple opinions, but — and just make sure we’re not sort of driving a narrative,” Musk said.

“And, I think there’s also — there’s freedom of speech or freedom of reach,” said Musk.

Musk explained that he thinks people should be able to express some “pretty outrageous things” that are “within the bounds of the law” on the platform, but that these posts “don’t get amplified,” and get limited reach.”

Perhaps Musk didn’t mean to say that he supports ‘shadow banning’, but he should clarify his statement so that conservatives and free speech advocates know where they stand with him and with Twitter.


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