Project Veritas on Thursday released an undercover video of a Nevada USPS carrier pledging voter fraud to remove President Trump from office.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released a video from today showing a US Postal Service carrier at the Loma Vista Apartments allegedly telling an undercover journalist in May that he would leave unclaimed ballots out for him to take.

“Hey, not a problem, man, I’m gonna see if I can get you some, like a nice handful [of ballots],” said Art, a Las Vegas mailman.

Art next asked the journalist his apartment number, and upon hearing it said: “If it’s in there— I didn’t do it.”

The carrier said there are always old ballots around with the rest of the unclaimed mail.

“What’s your unit number? Let me see what I can do…”

James O’Keefe said, “Americans want to trust the integrity of our elections and the postal service—if our voting is going to be trusted to the post office, we have to be able to trust the post office.”


Project Veritas Wednesday night released a bombshell video of a Michigan USPS whistleblower detailing a directive from superiors to back-date late mail-in ballots as received November 3rd so they are accepted.

“Separate them from standard letter mail so they can hand stamp them with YESTERDAY’S DATE and put them through” – the whistleblower said.

James O’Keefe said, “Every single vote that was sent by mail should be subject to investigation. It is clear that the USPS cannot be trusted.”

It remains to be seen whether this video will lead to any further investigation as it has not been confirmed whether the journalist ended up receiving any “extra ballots” from the USPS worker.

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