During a press conference this morning, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that she will extend her job-killing, draconian lockdown measures on MI citizens through May 15th.

Whitmer has been facing incredible backlash for taking the most drastic actions to lockdown her state of any governor in America. On April 15, the Michigan Conservative Coalition organized #OperationGridlock that drew an estimated 15,000 protesters in vehicles to Lansing, MI for an in-vehicle protest.

Last night, another protest took place in front of Whitmer’s home.

Here a just a few highlights from Governor Whitmer’s new executive order:

The new lockdown order will be in place until May 15th with a few changes.


Whitmer’s latest order will allow plant nurseries and some outdoor businesses to reopen.

She will now allow bicycle and vehicle repair shops to operate.

Michigan residents will now be allowed to golf, but will not be allowed to use a golf cart.

Non-essential businesses can reopen but only for curbside service. Whitmer has also lifted her draconian and senseless restrictions on retailers that prohibited them from selling non-essential items like garden supplies and home improvement items like paint.

Michigan citizens are no longer being asked to wear protective face coverings, Whitmer has now made it a misdemeanor to shop in close spaces without wearing a face mask. Whitmer has also given store owners the ability to refuse service to anyone not wearing a face covering.

From Governor Whitmer’s executive order:

Whitmer is still restricting travel within the state but is now allowing residents to travel between homes if they own more than one residence in the state.

Earlier this week, we reported about how Whitmer was caught giving a $200,000 taxpayer-funded no-bid contract to a Democrat operative.

Adam Laxalt, Nevada’s former attorney general claims that the Michigan governor may have created a crime with her actions


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