Another terror attack by someone on the “watch list”…Remind us what good the watch list does?

The people of France are so scr*wed! They have Muslim invaders roaming around just waiting to commit some sort of terrorism.


We just reported yesterday on a Muslim man who slit the throats of his father and brother. The press chooses to sanitize these Muslim atrocities instead of calling them what they are. It’s always reported that the terrorist is a “disturbed” person BUT NOT A TERRORIST. We should be so thankful that President Trump sees this for what it is and is putting the American people first! 

How do you think The Royals, William and Kate, feel today when they are scheduled to arrive in Paris within a few hours of this attack? Who feels safe anymore with this idiotic “watch list”? Why don’t they take the watch list and use it to deport every single one of these Muslims to a Muslim country? 

A man shot dead at a Paris airport after grabbing a soldier’s gun was a “radicalised Muslim” on a terror watchlist, police say. The Muslim is believed to have shot at police officers during a road check in northern Paris on Saturday morning before heading to the airport.

One officer was hit in the face during the roadstop. The man then fled, threatening a motorist with a weapon to steal her car.

The jihadi is understood to have been stopped by three police officers while making his way to the airport.

He pulled his papers, before producing a gun and shooting one of the cops.

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After arriving at Orly airport, the man snatched a gun from a soldier patrolling the south terminal before being shot dead.

Police say that car was later found close to the Orly Airport.
His father and brother have been brought into custody and the police are searching the family home.

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