This week, DNC and Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman was acquitted after he was charged with lying to the FBI.

The acquittal was in large part because prosecutor John Durham was not made aware of incriminating evidence against Sussman until the trial had already begun, leading the judge to bar the jury from considering it when rendering a verdict.

The evidence was a text message between Sussman and his FBI contact where he claimed he was not representing the Clinton campaign at the time, even though it was later revealed that he was.

Yesterday, President Trump sat down with FOX News Digital to discuss the verdict.  The President said that Sussman’s acquittal did not deter him, and that he planned to ‘fight even harder’ for the country and to expose the corruption of Democrats.

The Epoch Times Reports

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Former President Donald Trump pledged to “fight even harder” in the political arena after a former Clinton campaign lawyer charged with making false statements to the FBI was found not guilty.

“If anything, it makes me want to fight even harder,” the former president told Fox News on June 1 in response to a question about his future political plans after a jury found Michael Sussmann not guilty of lying to the FBI about acting on behalf of a client.

“If we don’t win, our country is ruined. We have bad borders, bad elections, and a court system not functioning properly,” Trump said, adding that “our country is being systematically destroyed.”

Michael Sussmann, the former attorney for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election campaign, alleged to the FBI in September 2016 that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian-based Alfa Bank in election interference. The FBI found the evidence Sussmann provided did not substantiate his allegations.”

President Trump went on to say that the evidence revealed by the Durham probe has proven that the Clinton campaign illegally spied on him, and that the accusations aren’t being taken seriously because of political bias.

“They spied on my campaign. They got caught. If a Republican would have done that, and the obvious steps forward, it would be a virtual death penalty,” He said.

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