Richard Hopkins is an American hero, a former Marine combat veteran, and a USPS whistleblower who exposed the Eerie, PA US Post Office for committing voter fraud by backdating ballots that arrived later than the official deadline to November 3.

After Hopkins came out and blew the whistle, federal agents attempted to coerce him to change or water down his story. Unfortunately, for the federal agents, they weren’t dealing with some stooge; Hopkins recorded their conversation and soon afterward, he blew the whistle on them.

O’Keefe warns that this is only one recording, and more will follow. He calls the attempt of the federal agents to silence the postal worker whose testimony proves voter fraud occurred “Soviet-style truth suppression.”

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Whistleblower Richard Hopkins blasted fake news Washington Post for lying about him recanting his statement about voter fraud committed by the Erie, PA US Post Office.

Hopkins held up the screen of his phone as he explained that he’s looking at an article written by the Washington Post article. He explained, “It says here that I fabricated the allegations of ballot tampering.  I’m here to say that I did not recant my statement. That didn’t happen. That is not what happened,” he said, adding, “and I would like the Washington Post would recant their wonderful little article they decided to throw out there.”

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