On Monday, a Minneapolis police officer was videotaped, as he kneeled on the neck of a black man, George Floyd, during an arrest.

In the video, George Floyd can be heard saying he couldn’t breathe, but the police officer kept his knee on Floyd’s neck.

George Floyd died during the brutal arrest.

President Trump tweeted about the death of George Floydd yesterday, confirming that he has already engaged the FBI and DOJ in an investigation into the “very sad and tragic death” of George Floyd in MN. Trump added that he’s asked fot the investigation to be “expedited,” saying he greatly appreciates all of the hard work done by local law enforcement. President Trump also shared his sympathy for Floyd’s family and friends, assuring them, “Justice will be served!”


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In retaliation for Floyd’s death, hundreds of people took to the streets of Minnesota, determined to punish every police officer for one bad officer’s actions. In addition to breaking out windows of vehicles with Minnesota police officers inside, the rioters destroyed local businesses nearby. Fires allegedly started by rioters are breaking out across the city.

Radical Democrat “Sqaud” member, Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN), whose district is in the heart of Minneapolis tweeted about how, in the midst of a pandemic, there “must” be protests, adding that the protesters must protest peacefully.

Ilhan Omar’s oldest daughter, however, didn’t seem to care much about her mother’s tweet, as a tweet from her Twitter account, @IsraHirsi was retweeted by the “Twin Cities DSA” (The Twin Cities chapter of Democratic Socialists of America) account. Her tweet contained a message addressed to her fellow “comrades,” asking for supplies to be donated for protesters.

In addition to asking for help for her “comrades,” the young radical, daughter of Ilhan Omar tweeted:

the state’s willingness to brutalize those fighting against injustice rather than those protesting our literal safety shows how the state gives no fucks for black lives and you cannot tell me otherwise.

The young daughter of Omar responded to Ngo’s tweet, where he outed her referring to rioters as her “comrades,” saying: “yes i’m an empathetic person. sue me.”

Like mother, like daughter…

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