Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has been a leading proponent of government transparency during his tenure in the House.

With Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) finally locking up the top job in the House, Republicans have started to reveal some of the concessions that they secured from him to get their votes.

Massie gave more details about one of the most important concessions, a new ‘Church Committee’ that will investigate the FBI for its overzealous and politically motivated investigations against conservatives.

Massie emphasized that one of the issues they negotiated with McCarthy was ensuring that the Committee would actually have teeth and wouldn’t just be a ‘show committee’, saying that they will have access to highly classified intelligence to get insight in to the FBI’s investigations.

He also revealed that he would be one of the Republican members of the Committee during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

The Daily Caller Reports

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky told Fox News host Tucker Carlson Friday that Rep. Kevin McCarthy would appoint him to sit on a “Church Committee” charged with investigating potential federal government abuses and vowed to bring “forward” any “illegal or unconstitutional” findings.

“A lot of this is going to play out down in the SCIF [Secure Compartmented Information Facility],” Massie told Carlson. “You are going to have to trust the people that are put on this committee, and I’ll tell you what, if there’s something fishy going on, I’ll come out of the SCIF and tell you, but a lot of it will be behind closed doors, it will be classified information. If we find anything illegal or unconstitutional, we will bring it forward.”

“We were making sure this committee wasn’t going to be fenced in, that it wasn’t going to be a show committee,” Massie continued. “We wanted to make sure we have full jurisdiction.”

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