This morning, Republican Joe Kent who is running for US Congress in Washington appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the status of his election after the media and many in the state of Washington had written off the America First, Trump-endorsed candidate in the critical primary election. After several days of waiting for ballots to be counted, Kent is now trailing his GOP RINO opponent Jaime Herrara Butler by under 250 votes.

Kent is projected to ultimately be the winner of the race:

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During an interview this morning with Steve Bannon on the War Room, Kent revealed that House Minority snake Kevin Minority spent over $150K and GOP establishment PACs tied to McCarthy and other RINOs contributed over $4.5 million to defeat the Trump-endorsed candidate in the final days before the election.

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Watch the video posted by Gateway Pundit here:

Following Kent’s interview, Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) called for McCarthy to be ousted from his leading role in the GOP.

Watch Rep. Matt Gaetz call for the replacement of House Minority snake Kevin McCarthy:

We wrote about McCarthy’s alleged involvement in another critical US Congressional primary race in Michigan’s 8th District.
The popular Republican candidate for Michigan’s 8th District, Matthew Seely, is a successful manufacturing business owner and had an actual plan to safely use Michigan’s freshwater resources to bring manufacturing back to this forgotten district. His outstanding plan to revitalize the economy in a mostly forgotten area of Michigan should have been enough to garner President Trump’s support. Matt was outspent 4-1 by Paul Junge and outside money which gave him a huge advantage over the popular Matt Seely. Junge ultimately defeated Seely in the primary election on Aug 2, 2022. Had President Trump endorsed Seely, it would’ve been a game-changer.

Matthew Seely, who was also endorsed by Mike Lindell, Freedomworks, and Numbers USA and has an “A” rating with the NRA, worked tirelessly as a pro-Trump activist for almost 7 years. Recently, it was discovered from inside sources that the office of the backstabbing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was behind preventing Trump from endorsing Seely as a favor to a primary challenger, Paul Junge. Junge is a grifter candidate whose family’s “All-Star Maintenance” business based in McCarthy’s home state of California relies on US government contracts. Junge’s family are generous donors to Republican candidates in California, including the now deceased US Rep. Duke Cunningham (CA), who served eight years in prison for accepting at least $2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors.


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