The next time you hear someone talk about how it’s a shame our country is so divided, make sure you tell them to thank a Democrat. We got a glimpse of the underbelly of the Democrat Party during the presidential election when the founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe went undercover to expose the Democrats plan to create chaos and violence and blame it on Trump supporters. The man in the video, Robert Creamer who bragged about his organizing skills had visited Obama’s White House over 340 times. He is also the husband of a Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of IL. Once the real riots got rolling in NYC and Chicago, and Antifa was gaining steam in Berkeley, CA, it was discovered that billionaire radical Democrat George Soros was actually paying to keep the riots going. So it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that these basement dwellers have put a bounty on a black man’s head simply for having a different political opinion than that of the one he was told he must follow…

Andrew Duncomb, aka “Black Rebel” has been an outspoken advocate of southern history, and specifically of the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments. We published an article about two great black patriots, the “Black Rebel” and Arlene Dunham, who have bravely stood in the face of hate and insults to defend for what their beliefs. But tonight, new information is coming out about a bounty that has been placed on the head of Duncomb, who according to friends in New Orleans, has gone into hiding.

Here is “Black Rebel” telling viewers on his Facebook page about how they can’t get any help or protection from police. Black Rebel says they won’t be intimidated and will continue to fight for what they believe in:

Here are fellow patriots in New Orleans explaining how Antifa has allegedly placed a bounty on “Black Rebel’s” head and that he’s gone into hiding. 

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Another unidentified black Confederate monument supporter was threatened on Facebook by an alleged Antifa member Gene Black, who threatened the black Confederate statue supporter’s family while he’s in New Orleans on his wall 4 days ago:

The image above appears to be of the man standing in the front with the red, white and blue t-shirt. The Black Rebel can be seen standing behind him as they are being threatened by the opposition. 

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