27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was shot by the Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe in the parking lot of a Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta, GA after he resisted arrest, grabbed a police taser, ran off, and turned back and pointed the taser at the pursuing officer. Police officers were called to Wendy’s when it was discovered that Rayshard Brooks was passed out in his vehicle and blocking customers from going through the drive-thru.

The second officer at the scene, Devin Bronson, was placed on administrative duty. Bronson has been with the department since 2018.

Commercial Appeal – Two Memphis men, Melvin Evans and Michael Perkins witnessed the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks by police in Atlanta last week.

“I’m from Memphis,” Perkins, 35, told reporters Thursday. “We come to Atlanta to try to conquer our dreams, not witness no murders.”

Perkins said he was in the back passenger seat of Evans’ new white Trailblazer the night of Brooks’ death. They were the last car in the drive-thru line.

Yesterday, Fulton County DA Paul Howard claimed that Officer Rolfe kicked Rayshard Brooks while he was on the ground and that Officer Brosnan stood on Brooks’ shoulders while he was lying there.

Yesterday, eye-witness Melvin Evans’ attorney, Shean Willams, held a press conference to address what his clients witnessed during the confrontation.
Watch Melvin Evans at the 24:00 minute mark address the media during a press conference with his lawyer. After he was finished promoting his rap career, a female member of the media finally asked about what he saw during the Rayhard Brooks incident, “Since you were in the driver’s seat, I’m just hoping you were looking—Can you tell us what you saw after the shots?” She continued, “Did you see them kick him? Did you see someone standing on his shoulders? And did you see anybody try to render any aid?” she asked. ” Um, what I saw was… what I saw was that he was in handcuffs.” “They handcuffed him when he was on the ground?” He responded, “Yep.” The reporter asked, “Did you say they handcuffed Mr. Brooks?” Evans shook his head, “That’s what I saw.” When the alleged eye-witness to the scene was asked directly if he saw anyone kick, Rayshawn Brooks, after he was shot, Evans did not answer the question.

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Fulton County DA Paul Howard charged Officer Rolfe with felony murder. Sperry points out that Howard accuses Officer Rolfe of shooting Rayshard Brooks “‘without justification’ after Brooks turned and fired a taser at Rolfe — even though the APD policy manual clearly justifies Rolfe’s use of deadly force.”

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Watch DA Howard address the media regarding a case from two weeks ago, as he explains how a “taser is considered a deadly weapon under Georgia law.”

Perhaps the reason Evans didn’t answer the question about seeing Rashard Brooks being kicked by the officer is that it never happened? According to a breaking report by Paul Sperry, Melvin Evans is now reportedly saying he did not see Officer Rolfe “kick” Rayshard Brooks as DA Howard claimed in his press conference yesterday

BREAKING: Black eyewitness Melvin Evans says did not see Off. Rolfe “kick” Rayshard Brooks after shot @ Atlanta Wendy’s, contradicting D.A. Howard. Rolfe’s lawyer Lance Lorusso also denied Rolfe kicked Brooks: “My client never kicked Mr. Brooks,” & no video supports D.A.’s claim

Yesterday, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo about the possibility of the Atlanta Police Department to walk off the job. Cuomo also asked about the speed of the charges that came down against Officer Rolfe, and if it warranted the frustration of the police officers in Atlanta? Mayor Lance Bottoms said that she doesn’t have an issue with the swiftness of the charges in light of the political climate. Lance Bottoms added that there are two other cases she wishes the elected DA would approach with the same level of attention.

The Atlanta mayor admitted to Chris Cuomo that even she was surprised by the new information she heard about the Brooks case during DA Howard’s press conference earlier in the day.  When Cuomo asked about the reliability of the testimony by Atlanta DA, Mayor Lance Bottoms, asking if his decision to take swift action against Officer Rolfe is politically motivated? The Atlanta mayor simply responded by saying he’s up for re-election, suggesting that his actions are indeed, politically motivated.

When Cuomo directly asked the mayor about how she felt hearing that Rayshard Brooks was kicked after he was shot, she responded by talking about the tragedy of the case, completely ignoring his question.

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