A fan sent us a screenshot of a Craig’s List ad (below) asking for people willing to attend Obama’s rally for Stacey Abrams at the traditionally Black, Moorehouse College on November 2nd.

Is this just another example of manufactured enthusiasm for the Obama, the Democrat Party, and their comrades?

The alleged ad claims they will pay attendees $15.00 to attend the event, as similar campaign stops by the former President have not been filled to capacity. They continue: We want a packed house for maximum media exposure and optics.

The ad asks interested parties to respond with a phone number so they can contact them with details and how to get paid.

Finally, the ad asks interested parties to not post the job on social media.

While we cannot validate the authenticity of the Craig’s List ad, it certainly would be consistent with how Democrats have operated in the past when it comes to filling events and bringing in busloads of protesters. Given the small crowds that Barack Obama has been attracting at his recent campaign rallies, compared to the historically large crowds that President Trump is drawing to his rallies, it certainly does make sense to pay people to attend, as a way to keep the Party base enthused, with only a couple of days until the critical midterm elections.

Independent journalist Laura Loomer also posted the screenshot of the same Craig’s List ad we received from a fan.

On October 22, former Democrat President Barack Obama appeared at a rally at the small Cox Pavillion in Las Vegas, in a show of support for Democrat candidates in Nevada. He was greeted by a tiny crowd of approximately 2,000, according to Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

Even though Obama spoke on the campus of UNLV, he still couldn’t garner enough interest to fill the small stadium.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit mocked Obama for partitioning off the crowd, so viewers couldn’t see all of the empty seats in the small stadium:

Only two days before, President Trump was enjoying a rally in Elko, NV that was attended by four times the number of attendees that showed up to Obama’s rally.

Is it any wonder the Democrats would resort to paying for people to attend rallies featuring the worst and most divisive president in American history?

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