Fox News Anchor Ed Henry has reportedly been fired, according to The Hill’s Joe Concha.

It’s being reported that Henry was fired last Friday just one day after sexual misconduct claims from a former employee who has lawyered up.

The internal memo from Fox News is below:

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Henry was in hot water in 2016 when it was revealed he had been having a 5-year affair with a woman from Las Vegas:

This is a shocker! The very dry and serious Chief White House  Correspondent Ed Henry has been caught in a sexual affair with a Vegas beauty. FOX News announced he’s taking some time off to “sort things out”. 

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Ed Henry is taking some time off after his mistress did tell-all revealing salacious details of their alleged affair.

Natalia Lima spoke with In Touch and shared how her relationship with Fox News chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry, 44, went from innocent banter to something she claims was far more sexual over the course of the past five years.

Lima, a Las Vegas hostess, also shared text messages she claims were exchanged between herself and Henry detailing sexual acts they had performed on one another and hoped to perform in the future.

Fox News said in a statement shortly after details of the alleged affair were revealed in the magazine; ‘We recently became aware of Ed’s personal issues and he’s taking some time off to work things out.’

Soon after the story about his affair was released Henry was seen smiling outside his home in his gym gear.

He was then seen wearing his wedding ring as he took a walk around his neighborhood in an Under Armour shirt and Brooklyn Dodgers baseball cap.

Lima also said that Henry had a thing for bubble baths, and once brought over Mr. Bubble when he visited her at her condo for a hookup.

‘He never gave me anything, but one time I was really stressed out about money so he did cover my rent,’ said Lima.

She added that he did not withdraw the money from an ATM however as that would have been a ‘red flag’ to his wife.

‘One time he said, “It’s not like a crazy hookup, it’s like you are my girlfriend,”‘ said Lima.

‘He never really talked about his wife – he mentioned her a couple of times – but I never really asked about her, either.’

The relationship soured Lima claims after her Twitter account was hacked earlier this year, after which she said Henry began acting ‘kinda weird.’

Henry deleted all of his tweets prior to January 23 on his Twitter account.

They last met up in February and after promising to contact her the next day she did not hear from Henry again.

‘It’s like he used me. But I should’ve known better,’ said Lima.

Prior to their relationship turning sexual Henry shared photos of himself golfing or in front of Air Force One with Lima, but an October exchange is incredibly graphic between the pair:
‘Mmmmm yes bath w you,’ writes Henry.
Lima responds with three kissing face emojis and then writes; ‘Why are emojis so big?’
Lima followed that with emojis of a bathtub and a kissing couple.
Henry then responded by sending his own emojis – three unpeeled bananas and three pairs of female lips.
Lima responds with a ‘Lol’ and three female emoji lips.
Henry shoots back; ‘yummy woman,’ ‘make me so,’ and then once again sends emojis of unpeeled bananas, this time upping the number to four.

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