Last week, while shopping in a Montana bait shop, top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who recently revealed that the NSA was spying upon him, was confronted by a man named Dan Bailey.

The left was absolutely giddy over the confrontation.

The far-left Slate was so excited, they named Dan Bailey, a “local fly fishing guide,” as the person who confronted Tucker.

Dan Bailey posted a video of himself confronting Carlson on his Instagram account where he wrote: It’s not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an asshole! This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation; he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American. #fucktuckercarlson#stayoutofmontana#democracywillprevail #trumplost@podsaveamerica In his post, he tagged several far-left activists/news personalities: @hacksontap@maddowshow @mollyjongfast @lpontheleft @kascellen

So, who is Dan Bailey, and was it an accident that he just happened to run into Tucker Carlson at the bait shop?

According to citizen journalist “X-MANFREN,” Mr. Bailey was a “river ecologist working on the Asia Foundations “Securing our Future” project, where he worked in Mongolia with Mongolian and American scientists as part of his master’s degree from the University of Montana.

X-MANFREN shared a screenshot of a memo from the CIA that reveals the Asia Foundation is part of the CIA.

X-MANFREN asks a great question:

It’s already clear that the NSA has been spying on Tucker but is the CIA doing the same thing?

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the Asia Foundation: In 1966, it was revealed that the CIA was covertly funding a number of organizations, including the Asia Foundation.

In addition to the Wikipedia (not usually a reliable source of information) report on the Asia Foundation, independent investigative journalist Muck Rock shared a wealth of information on the clandestine organization that may help explain why Mr. Bailey videotaped his confrontation with the top-rated cable news host.

Originally conceived by CIA as a propaganda machine and a front for covert activities including psychological warfare, TAF has controlled its narrative by becoming the primary source of information on its organization. The narrative presented by TAF effectively erases the first years of its history and misleads the public about its sources of funding over the years. TAF’s deceptions aren’t limited to the public, either. Declassified documents reveal that TAF provided information to the State Department that was incorrect and misleading; this information was subsequently given to Congress. These misrepresentations were then cited in the findings of Congress’ “Asia Foundation Act”, which provides funding for the Foundation, and have become commonly referenced.

This article, like its predecessor on Robert Blum, is based on a review of more than 1,000 pages of declassified CIA documents from CIA’s administrative file on DTPILLAR, which was the Agency’s cryptonym for what was publicly known as the Committee for a Free Asia and later The Asia Foundation. While most of the operational specifics remain redacted, the administrative file contains enough information to debunk a number of misconceptions and outright lies regarding TAF and its past activities.

The root of TAF’s misrepresentations is that it was founded in 1954. According to their websiteand press releases released by the foundation, “In 1954, a group of forward-thinking citizens who shared a strong interest in Asia, distinguished personal achievements, and dedicated public service established The Asia Foundation.” This not only gets the year wrong, 1951, it presents the sort of narrative in which a gun fires itself with no mention of who assembled the gun, loaded it with ammunition, aimed it, and pulled the trigger.

According to one document in the CREST archive, as early as 1953 the Agency was considering assigning personnel to “tours of duty” with the CFA. Due to the sensitivity of the use of Agency employees, this wasn’t announced alongside similar programs involving CIA and State Department personnel.

The DTPILLAR administrative file went on to further contradict TAF’s assertions that they didn’t participate in covert intelligence activities. According to the file, it was anticipated that eventually the group would be able to “provide cover to such groups covertly established to lend propaganda support to major [Far East] projects … which aim at the development of guerilla and popular political resistance movements.” CFA/TAF would, in other words, be involved in aiding the creation and growth of guerilla resistance movements. This process was to include the production of propaganda to aid in the funding of these groups.

These documents show that from the earliest days, CIA was very protective of CFA’s cover. The Agency’s concern drove it to plan on preemptively notifying the FBI about the project with instructions not to investigation the group.

A memo authored later in December, 1951 reaffirmed that even with the former CFA President George H. Greene out of the picture, the Agency’s intent was to use CFA as “an instrument of psychological warfare” and “a vehicle for covert operations.”

Now, Sr. Editor of Human Events Jack Posobiec is claiming that according to an inside White House official, the White House was aware of the Tucker confrontation in the bait shop and that the entire event was planned in advance.

We already know the FBI is dirty. Now, thanks to Tucker Carlson, we know the NSA is also spying on American journalists. It only makes sense that the CIA would have a role in the takedown of one of America’s loudest voices against US intelligence agencies being used as a weapon to silence conservative voices.

We cannot confirm that Mr. Bailey is tied to the CIA or the accuracy of the report about his ties to the Asia Foundation, but it sure does seem like an unusual coincidence.


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