Earlier today, it was discovered that Andrew P. Bakaj, the lawyer representing the so-called “politically neutral” whistleblower, is a former staffer for Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and a former Hillary Clinton staffer.

Bakaj, who once worked for the DOJ and FBI lost his security clearance and was placed on administrative leave.

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The Washington Examiner also reported that the Ukraine whistleblower’s lawyers work for a group that offers to pay officials who leak against Trump.


Tonight, The Gateway Pundit reported about a bombshell dropped by Fox News’ Ed Henry during his appearance on Sean Hannity’s Hannity Show. Henry told Hannity that his source, who’s a senior White House official revealed to him that the White House is not just releasing transcripts of the July 25th phone call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelesky, they are also releasing information the Inspector General discovered about the whistleblower. According to Henry’s source, the whistleblower had “political bias” in favor of a Trump 2020 rival.

Russian collusion…the sequel.

If the Democrats keep this up, Trump won’t have to spend a penny on his reelection.

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