Republican Sheriff Joe Lombardo has just become Nevada’s next governor, unseating Democratic incumbent Steve Sisolak. Sisolak served just a single term as governor after being elected in 2018, previously serving for ten years as a County Commissioner. Joe Lombardo worked in law enforcement and was elected the Clark County Sheriff in 2014.

Clark County accounts for nearly 75% of the state’s population, covering just 7% of the land in Nevada. It is by far Nevada’s most populous county. Donald Trump endorsed Lombardo and Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt appearing with them at an October rally. Laxalt’s race has not yet been called.

Sisolak posted a response to Twitter saying it was “the honor of my lifetime” serving as the governor of Nevada for the past four years. “Thank you to everyone who believed in us and put your all out there. It’s important that we now come together to continue moving the state forward.”
Votes are still being counted, but Sisolak said in a statement conceding the race, “It appears we will fall a percentage point or so short of winning. Obviously, that is not the outcome I want, but I believe in our election system, in democracy, and honoring the will of Nevada voters.”

Lombardo’s platform was far more family friendly than Sisolak. Lombardo believes in parental notification for surgical procedures, a belief that separated him from his opponent and resonates with parents. He said,

“I’m a strong supporter of parental notification, and I believe the health and safety of minors is a critical component of any healthcare policy. Steve Sisolak’s extremist stance is out of touch with what the majority of Nevadans believe.” Lombardo also added video footage of the debate showing Sisolak saying he does not believe in parental notification.


Americans are tired of woke agendas targeting their children. With Lombardo at the helm, the future of Nevada’s families is looking brighter.



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