The Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee is currently holding a hearing on “election issues and irregularities.”

Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldren, an expert in information warfare, computer operations, electronic warfare, and counter-deception, spoke to the PA Senate Committee where he explained that his team has been researching the issue of how to break in, how to destroy it, and how to manipulate voting machines since August. He explained that he and another team have been working together on the issue of how to manipulate an election for two years since the 2018 Beto O’Rourke vs. Ted Cruz race in Texas, as well as others where significant anomalies have been observed in voting systems.

The voting systems in the US and in Pennsylvania are built to be manipulated. They’ve been used in elections around the world and stolen elections around the world in Venezuela, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, and Bolivia, as close as two weeks ago.

Col Waldren explained that all of the election systems used in PA have a common DNA, noting that all of the machines have similar code and similar functions. “I personally debriefed the son of a Cuban intelligence officer who had first-hand knowledge of Hugo Chavez’s family members who told him not to worry about the populace threat against Maduro’s election in Venezuela, ‘That it was guaranteed. Their father invested the money to build the SGO voting machine system.'” adding that he has no reason to doubt his source, adding that he’s “signed a sworn affidavit to this effect.”

“These systems are not what you’ve been told. They are connected to the internet and servers outside of the U.S. They’re connected from top to the bottom and the middle, “Col Waldren told the committee. ” There is no transparency as our previous witnesses mentioned, as to how the voter information is processed—how and where it’s stored. The voter record is able to be modified and or deleted by operators, administrators, and outside threats. Operators can assign votes for write-in ballots, blank ballots, or error ballots in large numbers so they can be directed to one candidate or another at the operator or supervisor’s discretion.


On September 30, Colonel Waldren explained how an election storage facility was recently robbed in Pennsylvania, adding that 30 USB devices and a laptop were stolen.

Waldren explains how the voting machine systems are like the lotto; whoever organizes the lotto always wins, adding, “It’s controlling the numbers, controlling the margins.”  He told the committee that their organization believes up to 1.2 million votes could have been altered or fraudulent,” adding that only a detailed, forensic analysis of the actual machines and software will show how many Pennsylvania citizens had their civil rights violated.

Colonel Waldren held up a chart to show the committed the anomalies that occurred during the vote in PA. Former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani asked the retired colonel to calculate how many of 604,000 votes that were tabulated in 90 minutes were for Biden vs. how many votes for Trump? Waldren explained that about 570,000 votes of the 604,000 votes were for Biden, while “a little over 3,200” of the votes were for Trump. The committee broke out in laughter.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani asked about mail-in ballots counted in Alleghany County and Philadelphia that were not observed? Waldren explained that only 1,823,148 mail-in ballots were returned, but curiously, 2,589,242 mail-in ballots were counted. He asked Colonel Waldren how he accounts for the 700,000 ballot discrepancy? Waldren explained that they obtained their information from the PA Secretary of State’s office and that the numbers that have been on the government website for over 3 weeks have now mysteriously disappeared.

Watch his incredible testimony here. Go to the 1:17  mark:

We’ve been saying this for weeks, but after today’s testimony by several brave Americans about the massive voter fraud in PA, it’s very clear this election is far from over.

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