Ronna Romney-McDaniels was at CPAC 2020. She is one of a handful of high-profile people in the Republican Party who are self-quarantining and being tested for coronavirus after an unnamed person came in contact with several people at CPAC and days later, tested positive for COVID-19.

Fox News reports – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has been tested for the coronavirus after experiencing a fever and flu-like symptoms, the organization said on Saturday.

“Last night, Chairwoman McDaniel began experiencing a fever and flu-like symptoms, and she went to her local hospital in Michigan for treatment. Flu and strep tests were administered and came back negative,” Communications Director Michael Ahrens said.

“Her doctor determined a test for COVID-19 was necessary given her symptoms,” he said.

The RNC said it is contacting everyone she remembers coming into contact with recently, and she and her family are self-quarantining at home.

In addition to being the RNC chairwoman, Ronna is also a wife and mother to two young children. Please pray for her and her family.

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Less than 2 weeks ago, Ronna McDaniels’s name was all over the news when the former DNC Chair, and paid Fox News commentator, Donna Brazile, came unhinged over McDaniels’s suggestion that the Democrat Party was attempting to choose one candidate over the other during their primaries, in a Fox News interview.

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Brazile was asked by Fox News hosts Sandra Smith and Ed Henry if Democrats are working together to knock Socialist Bernie Sanders out of the top spot on the Democratic Party ticket?

An angry Brazile responded, “First of all, I wanna talk to our Republican colleagues, Stay the hell out of our race!” She continued with her unhinged rant, “I get sick and tired of listening to Republicans telling us about our process.”

Brazile accused Republicans of using “Russian talking points to sow division” with voters.

A clearly exasperated Brazile lashed out at the RNC chair, pointing her finger and shouting, “So Ronna, go to hell! Go to hell!”

“To infer that we’re trying to put one candidate before the other—-it’s not true,” a defensive Brazile, who was caught doing the exact same thing in the last election, boldly told the hosts.

Brazile is most well known for handing Hillary Clinton questions to the CNN Democratic Party debate in 2016, while working for the cable network, in an effort to help her beat Bernie Sanders in the debate.

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