The swamp is draining…

According to Axios, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, in anticipation of being fired by President Trump, plans on resigning, according to a source with direct knowledge. Per a second source with direct knowledge: “He’s expecting to be fired,” so he plans to step down:

Jonathan Swan of Axios reports:

Background: Rosenstein talked last year about invoking the 25th Amendment and wearing a wire during Trump meetings, N.Y. Times’ Adam Goldman and Michael S. Schmidt reported last week. He denied both allegations.

To be clear, Rosenstein has offered his resignation right before the FISA warrant he signed is declassified.

Investigative journalist Sarah Carter reported last week  that President Trump should fire Rosenstein:

Last week, radio host Mark Levin warned fellow conservatives that they should not rush to conclusions about the New York Times‘ latest story alleging that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had plotted against President Donald Trump.

He warned that Trump’s enemies might be trying to goad him into firing Rosenstein before the midterm elections by leaking information from memoranda created by former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired in March for lying.

The Times reported Friday that in 2017, Rosenstein had suggested recording Trump secretly, and had “discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.” Rosenstein denied the latter claim, and Department of Justice sources suggested that Rosenstein had been speaking sarcastically about wearing a wire in meetings with Trump — in response, Levin said, citing sources, to McCabe’s animus against the president.

Levin also said the story illuminated why, and how, Rosenstein had appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “This also tells me why Rod Rosenstein appointed a special counsel,” Levin explained. “He should never have appointed a special counsel, he violated his own department rules, there was no criminal predicate. But he was being pressed by the deputy director of the FBI.’” –Breitbart

“Col Mac” has the best solution yet:

.#RodRosenstein has offered to resign! @realDonaldTrump should not accept resignation and instead fire his corrupt ass…strip that government pension and set yet another example #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp



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