In one of the ugliest governor’s races of 2018, former Navy Seal and US Congressman Ron DeSantis has defeated Obama darling, Democrat mayor Andrew Gillum, to become Florida’s next governor.

Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis unashamedly embraced President Trump, as President Trump showed mutual love for Ron DeSantis, as he appeared in more than one massive rally in the state of Florida for Congressman Ron DeSantis and Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott.

Socialist Bernie Sanders recently held a rally for his comrade Andrew Gillum for dozens of his followers in Florida. Barack Obama also rallied for Gillum in Florida.

Was the DeSantis-Gillum race really more of a litmus test for 2020, as Floridian’s seem to have chosen the candidate backed by President Trump, a pro-American President over a former president who is frequently critical of the United States and our values.

Andrew Gillum, who Donald Trump referred to as a “thief” in a tweet, frequently used race as a reason for the attacks against him. Andrew Gillum, however, actually earned the criticism he received.  Only two weeks before the election, the scandal-ridden, far-left leaning, Tallahassee mayor, Andrew Gillum, found himself in the middle of an FBI investigation.

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Only two months ago, the Tampa Bay Times reported that much of the party establishment had written off Gillum eight months ago, amid revelations that Tallahassee City Hall was the focus of a public corruption investigation.

A federal grand jury last summer subpoenaed five years of city records related to redevelopment deals and developers, including a longtime friend, lobbyist and political ally of Mayor Gillum’s. … The FBI interviewed Gillum, who stressed that the FBI told him he was not “the focus” of their investigation. … A photo showed Gillum on a boat in New York City in 2016 with his lobbyist friend — Tampa native Adam Corey — and an undercover FBI agent who had been posing as a developer looking to do deals in Tallahassee.

The Democrat reported in August that an undercover FBI agent may have invited Gillum to attend Hamilton on Broadway and a Mets game. Gillum last week would not even say whether he attended either.

“All I can confirm is I never did anything that I didn’t pay for,” he said, explaining that the FBI did not want him to discuss the case.

“All I would ask people do is follow the facts. I have not been mentioned in any one of the subpoenas so far that have been issued, not the public, not the private, not anybody who works for me.”

Not a terrific campaign slogan: I have not been mentioned so far in any subpoena.

The Democrat darling, Andrew Gillum is finding himself in hot water after new text messages are revealed, that could spell the end for the far-left Democrat gubernatorial candidate.

According to the Miami Herald – Undercover FBI agents paid for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum’s hotel room and his ticket to the Broadway musical “Hamilton” during a 2016 trip to New York City, according to a bombshell trove of records that raises new questions two weeks before the Nov. 6 election for Florida governor.

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Among the records released Tuesday: photos, a video and dozens of text messages between Gillum, who is the Democratic nominee for governor, former lobbyist Adam Corey, and an undercover FBI agent. They appear to contradict Gillum’s explanation for the expenses, which have been made a major issue by his Republican rival, Ron DeSantis.


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