Tonight, during an interview with Rudy Giuliani on Newsmax, Rudy told the host that information on Hunter’s computer confirmed that Joe Biden was getting 50% of the bribe money. The former NYC mayor added that they also recovered a “very, very sensitive” text message from Hunter to his father, Joe, that revealed an issue he was having with his sister-in-law, “who for quite some time was his lover.”  Giuliani read the message: “She told my therapist that I was sexually inappropriate.” Giuliani explained, “This would be with an unnamed 14-year-old girl,” He continued to read the text message,” When she says that I FaceTime’d naked with the unnamed 14-year-old girl, and the reason I can’t have her out to see me, is because I’ll walk around naked, smoking crack, talking “tom-girls” on FaceTime.” Giuliani continued, “When she was pressed, she said the unnamed 14-year-old girl never said anything like that, but the bottom line is, that I created and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids.”

Giuliani told the Newsmax host, “This is supported by numerous pictures of numerous underage girls.”

Rudy Giuliani explained that he and former NYC Police Chief, Bernard Kerik, turned numerous pornographic images of underage children, over to the Delaware State Police yesterday, because “We were very uncomfortable with this, and we were very uncomfortable with the fact that these underage girls were not protected.”


We cannot confirm or deny Rudy’s claims about Hunter and Joe Biden during his Newsmax article. We are simply reporting on his claim. God help the Biden family if Rudy’s claims are correct.

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