A breaking video of a completely obnoxious Portland protester interfering with the arrest of another protester should be exhibit one for how much the Democrats have changed. The extremes to which the leftists go in openly attacking a police officer is hard to watch. The woman in the video is lucky she wasn’t arrested for interfering with the arrest of another protester.

Disrespect of the police force is what happens when the mayor and the entire city government are Democrats who are as far-left as the protesters.

Noise alert in the videos below. The screaming is off the charts obnoxious.

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The police officers are showing great restraint in not arresting the woman who keeps screeching like a two-year-old.

The Portland Mayor and other leftist mayors are 100% responsible for the breakdown of their cities. Skyrocketing crime belongs to these mayors because they don’t support law enforcement and tell them to stand down at times when they should go full force to stop the lawlessness.

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Our previous report on the chaos in Portland:

For citizens living in Portland, OR, a city many consider to be ground zero for the Antifa terror group, yesterday was just another day of mostly white, violent, agitators dressed in black, roaming the streets and threatening citizens, like a pack of domestic terrorists. Wearing their signature face coverings to hide their identities, the black-clad, cowardly anarchists roam the streets with hammers, baseball bats, and metal batons, waiting for the opportunity to destroy a business or physically harm anyone who dares to oppose their radical ideology. Somehow, this has become acceptable in Portland, a city that’s run exclusively by Democrats.

Yesterday, after three days of riots breaking out across America, the dishonest media finally starting pointing the finger at “white supremacists” as the culprit behind the violence. They were correct about one thing, many of the violent rioters were white, but they were white cowards, dressed in black and hiding behind masks.

Independent reporter Andy Ngo, who was brutally beaten by Antifa for following them with a camera, refuses to back down and continues to bravely report on their criminal activities. Ngo captured an incredible video showing the abject hatred Antifa has for America. According to Ngo, a man brought an American flag to the Antifa/BLM protest (which later turned into a riot) and was confronted and sucker-punched by a man wearing an “F–k Trump” t-shirt. After dragging the man with the American flag down the street, the Antifa mob descended on him like a pack of hyenas and began to brutally beat him, as they attempted to rip the flag away from him. To his credit, the man held tight to his American flag and refused to allow the Antifa thugs to take it from him.


An unidentified man wearing a blue shirt tried to help the man who was being beaten for carrying an American flag. He was chased down like a dog, knocked unconscious and kicked in the face.

Andy Ngo has taken screenshots from his video to help identify the Antifa thugs who committed these heinous acts of violence against the man in the blue shirt.

Ngo also shared screenshots of the thugs who instigated the crime against an innocent man carrying an American flag.

The innocent citizens of the city of Portland deserve better than this chaos.

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