Yesterday we told you about the company who buys aborted baby organs from Planned Parenthood. Many of our readers were in disbelief and demanded proof that StemExpress was an actual company that sold baby parts online. Here is the undercover video that exposed Planned Butcherhood: 

Here is your proof: 

fetal liver

StemExpress, the California-based company that serves as a middleman between Planned Parenthood and the organizations that seek body parts harvested from aborted babies, once advertised bulk discounts for baby organs and body parts. A screencap taken from a StemExpress page listing fetal liver products shows that the company openly boasted of bulk buying discounts available to new customers.

“Become a StemExpress customer today to receive 25% off your first order up to $1,000!” blasted an archived web page from 2012.

fetal liver Stem Express

The baby organ trade is a lucrative one for StemExpress. As recently as December 2014, packages of what StemExpress described as “fresh” fetal liver stem cells were listed at more than $24,000, according to an archived page listing its products and prices.

liver pricing

Yesterday morning news broke that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest and most profitable abortion provider, was in the business of trafficking organs taken from aborted unborn babies. Planned Parenthood’s top medical director, Deborah Nucatola, was captured on tape trying to sell body parts from aborted babies and bragging about how she conducts abortions in order to maximize the number of organs and body parts that can be extracted from the children.

StemExpress also advertised the financial rewards and benefits that can come from buying and selling baby body parts.

Although Planned Parenthood vehemently attacked the Center for Medical Progress for releasing its damning video, the billion-dollar abortion provider did not deny charges that it was harvesting organs, tissue, and body parts from aborted babies.

Via: The Federalist

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