The Democrats have 26 more days to discredit Donald J. Trump until he becomes our next President. They are really pulling out all of the stops. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange emerges from hiding to do an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity in order to set the record straight on the DNC leaks he released prior to the election. It’s interesting how mainstream media “reporters” have no interest in the content of those undisputed leaked emails, they only care about how they got into the hands of Julian Assange.

Julian Assange has finally spoken out on the recent news about intel assessments on Russia being the source of hacking designed to reportedly help Donald Trump. Julian Assange spoke with Sean Hannity on his radio show this afternoon and stated, “Our source is not the Russian government.” He told Hannity WikiLeaks did receive a little bit of information having to do with Trump and the RNC, but “it was already public somewhere else.”

Hannity applauded Assange and said he’s “done us a favor” by 1) showing how weak U.S. cybersecurity is, and 2) exposing government corruption. He asked Assange if the information he received came from inside the United States. Assange did not say definitively, but insisted, “It has not come from a state party.” (At a later point in the interview, Assange said that info leaks from other places could have been from Russia.) Hannity also asked him if President Obama knows this too and is “purposefully” pushing a false narrative to delegitimize Trump. Assange said yes. On Thursday afternoon, Hannity, the Fox News host and informal Trump adviser, once again interviewed WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange—this time on Hannity’s nationally syndicated radio show. Hannity gave Assange a large platform to deny that the source of the DNC and John Podesta emails was the Russian government, and to also join Hannity in some fairly typical bashing of Hillary Clinton and the “liberal” mainstream media. Hannity gushed on-air. Thanks to Assange and WikiLeaks’s work, Hannity said, “we can now fix the problem” of our gaps in U.S. cybersecurity. (The DNC and Podesta emails were a wake-up call, in a sense.) Assange also “exposed the corruption in our government” for all to see. “I have so many questions for you,” Hannity said, before reminding his audience of WikiLeaks’s “perfect” record: “You have not been proven wrong, not one single time,” he reiterated. When asked if President Obama was trying to “delegitimize Donald Trump”—by promoting any evidence of Russian interference and cyberattacks aimed at helping Trump to defeat Clinton in the election)—Assange answered firmly, “yes.” “This wouldn’t be the first time that the CIA would be politicized,” Hannity continued, making a Benghazi analogy. Assange also wagged his finger at “the liberal press” in America that tried to make Trump voters feel “ashamed” of themselves for supporting the Republican candidate. “What is the difference between what you and WikiLeaks have done, and what The New York Times and CNN [have done]?” the host inquired. “Our stuff has more impact,” Assange replied. “Touché,” Hannity answered. “I can’t disagree with that.” The conservative host continued to make the case that the so-called mainstream media was “trying to scapegoat” Assange, and that “if [Hillary] were a Republican they’d be singing your praises day and night.” “America owes you a debt of gratitude,” Hannity said, concluding their friendly chat.

-YouTube copy and video provided by Jim Browski

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