So, what is the state of this investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails? Fox News Dana Perino asked Secretary of State Pompeo.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reminded the Fox News host that he is very familiar with Hillary’s email case and that he did, in fact, sit on the committee that questioned Hillary during her Benghazi debacle.

“We’ve got the emails, we’re getting them out. We’re going to get all of this information out, so the American people can see it,” Pompeo told her, adding, “You’ll remember, there was classified information on a private server—should have never been there.” He told Perino that the classified information should have never been on a private server, warning about countries like Iran, China, and Russia who would love to get their hands on the information she put on her unsecured server.

Pompeo assured her that they would be very careful to protect the intelligence sources involved in the investigation.

Dana Perino asked, “Will that happen before the election?” Mike Pompeo responded, “Doing it as fast as we can. I certainly, I certainly think there’ll be more to see before the election.”

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