Obama and the left might not believe we’re at war but this keeps happening and it’s NOT going to stop until we realize it is war! They’re asking everyone to stay indoors and have closed all mass transportation in the city. This is what terror does…this must end!

A SECOND shooting is being reported in Munich just moments after multiple people were killed in a nearby shopping centre.

Reports revealed a gunman opened fire in Stachus Square, Munich’s main square just three miles away from the Munich Olympia centre.

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People in the square were seen running away from a building which looked like a church:


Munich Police believe there are several perpetrators on the loose in Munich.

Early reports said a heavily armed man wandered through the shopping mall in Moosach, Munich before opening fire in a coffee shop.


Fifteen people are believed to be dead at the shopping centre.

All public transport has come to a halt and office workers have been told to remain in their buildings by police.

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