President Trump has a hilarious message for CNN as CNN+ fails and folds less than 30 days into existence, after spending over $300 million

The dreaded and pathetic CNN+ fake news machine has failed and is shutting down on April 30th, less than 30 days after launching. After spending over $300 million, the failed streaming service which made the foolish choice of hiring the hack Chris Wallace is forced to shut down due to a low subscriber count–only around 150,000.

President Trump’s message to them is simply hilarious!

President Trump’s message to CNN/CNN+

As always, President Trump’s wit and humor is much appreciated as he simply obliterates Chris Wallace and CNN with this message congratulating them on their decision to fold due to a lack of viewers.

President Trump also invokes Chris Wallace’s father, Mike Wallace, a reporter with far more credibility than his son will ever have.

In an era of bloated and woke streaming services popping up every few days, seeing one less, perhaps the worst offender at that, is a breath of fresh air. But how do you even lose money on a streaming service like that? CNN+ is so bad that not even liberals want to pay for it.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to even create CNN+ will hopefully not be fired so that they can continue to run the fake news network into the ground.

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