The Democrat’s scheme to pass a universal vote cheating bill at all cost has unraveled…and it’s clear by the reaction of top Democrat personalities and “journalists” on social media that after Senator Krysten Sinema’s speech on the Senate floor, it’s over.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) has already publicly stated he will not support the elimination of the filibuster as a tool to push fellow Democrats’ universal vote cheating HR1 bill through the Senate.

Now, Democrat Senator Krysten Sinema (AZ) appears to be placing the final nail in the Democrat Party’s scheme to permanently keep Republicans in the minority, as she just announced during a speech on the Senate floor that, unlike almost every one of her Democrat colleagues in the Senate who have openly opposed the elimination of the filibuster only to support it this time around, she is sticking to her convictions.

Sinema explained to her fellow senators that she strongly supports the efforts of the Democrats’ (vote cheating bill) HR1, but will not support the dirty scheme to eliminate the filibuster, saying she will “not support the separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country.”

“I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country,” she said, adding that she has had “longstanding support” for the legislative filibuster, which requires 60 votes for most legislation to advance in the Senate. 

“It is the view I continue to hold. It is the belief I have shared many times in public settings and in private settings,” Sinema said. She explained the gravity of her decision, “Eliminating the 60-vote threshold will simply guarantee that we lose a critical tool that we need to safeguard our democracy,” 


For the first time in my life, I am considering making donations to two Democrats who may be responsible for saving our nation from being fundamentally transformed into something we no longer recognize. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone…

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