Senator Ben Sasse made an appeal to Democrats in the Senate not to block a bill that assures that a baby who survives abortion will be cared for as any newborn would. Seems logical, right? Well, not for the radical Democrats in the Senate right now.

They voted to block the bill claiming there are already protections similar to what’s in the bill. The problem is that Senator Feinstein pulled out the tired old saying about a woman’s right to control her own body: This is “just the latest attack in the decades-long Republican effort to eliminate a woman’s right to control her own body.” Yes, she went there and opened up the Pandora’s Box of what Democrats really want with abortion. They want the woman to be able to abort during and after pregnancy. This had nothing to do with laws that are already on the books.

Everyone is equal EXCEPT newborn babies…Horrific

“In this country, all of us are created equal.”

“If that equality means anything, surely it means that infanticide is wrong.”

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“Frankly, this shouldn’t be hard.”

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Sasse proposed the bill to enhance protections for newborns. The urgency in bringing this bill is because several states have recently sought to expand abortion rights for late-term abortions.

The Sasse Bill “requires that the living child, after appropriate care has been given, be immediately transported and admitted to a hospital. Currently, federal law does not adequately protect a born child who survives an abortion.”

Sounds reasonable but Democrats objected.

Senator Patty Murray objected to the request for unanimous consent, derailing the bill. No Democrats cosponsored Senate Bill 130.

Bit by bit, the Democrats are self-destructing.

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