After multiple high-profile Republicans attempted to get concessions before the lame-duck $1.7 Trillion omnibus spending bill was passed, the bill passed overwhelmingly in the Senate by a 68-29 margin.

Prospective House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) promised that he would not put Republican Senator’s bills up for a vote if they voted in favor of the bill.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) supported the bill, going so far as to say that the “number one priority” for the United States is providing assistance to Ukraine.

The seventeen Republicans who voted for the omnibus spending bill were:

  • Roy Blunt (Missouri)
  • John Boozman (Arkansas)
  • Shelley Capito (West Virginia)
  • Susan Collins (Maine)
  • John Cornyn (Texas)
  • Tom Cotton (Arkansas)
  • Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)
  • Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma)
  • Mitch McConnell (Kentucky)
  • Jerry Moran (Kansas)
  • Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
  • Rob Portman (Ohio)
  • Mitt Romney (Utah)
  • Mike Rounds (South Dakota)
  • Richard Shelby (Alabama)
  • John Thune (South Dakota)
  • Roger Wicker (Mississippi)
  • Todd Young (Indiana)

Breitbart Reports

The $1.7 trillion omnibus bill passed the Senate by a vote of 68-29 on Thursday afternoon. Eighteen Republicans voted for the 4,155-page bill just released days ago.

The House will vote on the bill potentially Thursday and be signed into law before Friday night’s deadline ahead of a government shutdown. Senators were rushing to vote on the bill before terrible weather hit Washington, DC, that would prevent them from returning home.

“From start to finish — from top to bottom — this omnibus is bold, generous, far-reaching and ambitious,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told reporters. “It’s not everything we would’ve wanted, of course. When you’re dealing in a bipartisan, bicameral way, you have to sit down and get it done, and that means each side has to concede some things.”

The $1.7 trillion, 4,155-page bill includes $45 billion of aid for Ukraine, adding to the $66 billion of taxpayers’ money lawmakers have already approved for Ukraine.

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