Ten thousand residents of Midland, MI, where Dow Chemical headquarters are located, and surrounding areas, have been ordered to evacuate following the collapse of the Edenville and Sandford Dams.

Weather observer for KDTW, Stephen Szulborski tweeted about how Governor Whitmer warned about the seriousness of the flooding, saying: “Governor Whitmer in her press conference earlier this hour said they are projecting downtown Midland to be under 9′ of water in 12-15 hours. The river is expected to crest 4′ over the 500-year flood mark. This will go down as one of the worst disasters in Michigan history.

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Incredible videos show Edenville and Sanford Dams after they collapsed.

Another shocking video was captured of the Edenville Dam collapsing in Midland County.

The Sanford Dam followed…

Dow has a chemical plant on the Tittabawassee River, which is downstream of the Edenville Dam failure. The headquarters for Dow is located in Midland, MI.

According to Bloomberg News, Dow has activated emergency operations:

To put things in perspective, below, is a photo of downtown Midland today, BEFORE the first dam broke.

Another incredible video shows the water rushing from the failed Edenville dam.

Locations for shelters for evacuees are listed in the tweet below:

Please pray for the residents and first responders in Midland, MI, and in surrounding areas, who are currently under lockdown in Michigan and now are in danger of losing everything in these catastrophic floods.

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