A search is underway for a suspect in connection with the shooting of two faculty members at East High School in Denver, Colorado, that happened before noon today.

Journalist Carmine Sabia gave a description of the alleged shooter and told anyone who finds him not to approach the armed student but instead call the police:

The East High School shooting suspect is an African American, wearing a shirt with an astronaut on it, hair in an afro. Do not approach. he is armed and dangerous. Call police.

The Denver Police issued the following statement on Twitter:

ALERT: #DPD is responding to a shooting at East High School. Unknown number of victims at this time. Investigators are working to gather information, expect large police presence in the area. Updates will be posted to this thread as they are made available.

CBS News reports – Denver Public Schools confirmed that the two victims are described as deans, both adult males. One was listed in stable condition; one is in critical and in surgery at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

The student is known to school staff and police and had agreed to a safety plan to be patted down daily before entering school.

“As part of a safety plan they were undergoing a search, as part of that search a weapon was retrieved, a handgun was retrieved, and several shots were fired, striking those two individuals, that individual then fled the school and we do know who that individual is and a search is underway to try to locate that particular individual,” said Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas.

The East High School, which was previously on lockdown as a precautionary measure is now releasing students to their parents after the Denver Police Department gave the green light, just before noon. Parents can pick up their children at 17th and Esplanade.

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