On Monday afternoon, President Trump was abruptly pulled out of a press briefing by Secret Service. The President was speaking on the topic of fraudulent, mail-in ballots prior to being whispered to by a White House Secret Service agent. Trump abruptly left the press briefing room and was briefed on the situation from the Oval Office.


After a few minutes, the President returned to his press briefing commenting on the situation. Trump confirmed there was a “shooting outside the White House” – “somebody’s been taken to the hospital.” Trump says it seems like Secret Service shot the “suspect.” He took some questions on the situation before returning to his press briefing. He concluded his remarks on the situation saying, “we’ll have details for you in a little while.”

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Reporters inside the White House covered the situation live via Twitter.


Before continuing his briefing, President Trump repeatedly thanked Secret Service for their work and efforts. “We live in a dangerous world,” the President added. He continued his briefing without pause, speaking on the economy and coronavirus stimulus executive order.


When asked by reporters, “Are you rattled by this at all?” Trump responded, “Do I seem rattled?”

Watch video footage from outside the White House:

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