Sidney Powell’s case in Michigan has finally made it to the Supreme Court…WITH the DAMNING FORENSIC REPORT that proves systemic voter fraud occurred through the Dominion Voting System machines.

Ten days ago a far-left and biased Obama judge dismissed Sidney Powell’s case in Michigan after sitting on it for days.  The judge claimed the case was “An Amalgamation of Theories, Conjecture, and Speculation.”

Newsmax reported:

A federal judge in Michigan denied ex-Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell’s request to decertify the state’s election result and slammed her claims of a vast election-fraud conspiracy as an assault on hard-fought voting rights.

The suit against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is one of those Powell, who is no longer associated with President Donald Trump’s legal team, filed last month and referred to as releasing the Kraken, a mythical sea monster depicted in the 1981 fantasy film “Clash of the Titans.”

Calling Powell’s claims of voting irregularities “an amalgamation of theories, conjecture, and speculation,” U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker said in a ruling on Monday that the suit didn’t put forth the kind of evidence that would justify placing the election results in doubt to allow inspections of voting machines, software and security footage of polling places.

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Judge Parker was appointed by Barack Obama.  It’s hard to believe an Obama judge could even spell the word ‘amalgamation’ – lots of letters for liberal and biased judges.

Now ten days later the case has finally made it on the docket at the Supreme Court:

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The case reportedly contains the forensic audit done in Michigan that proves systemic voter fraud occurred through the Dominion Voting System tabulation. It also has proof of at least 200,000 FRAUDULENT VOTES cast in the election.

Last night, lawyers for Dominion sent a 15-page letter demanding she retracts her “wild, knowingly baseless, and false accusations.” It’s evident Dominion Voting Systems is NERVOUS! First, they attempt to quiet whistleblower Melissa Carone…and now Sidney Powell!

Let’s see what happens this time!

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