Liberal media outlets have been struggling to stay in business due to the changing nature of the media business.

Recently, Buzzfeed News announced that it would be closing its doors after revenue shortfalls for multiple years in a row.

Now, VICE News, known for its documentaries featuring everything from reporters embedded with ISIS to people taking designer drugs no one has heard of, is near the brink as well.

Except this time, liberal megadonor George Soros announced that he would come to the rescue.

VICE News, beyond being known for its documentaries, is also known for its liberal slant.

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The news outlet would draw in audiences with its interesting documentaries and then gratuitously attack former President Donald Trump during his presidency, which included a three-part miniseries called the ‘Impeachment Show’ where they eagerly boosted the Presidents sham impeachment hearings without giving him or other conservative perspectives a fair hearing.

Soros’ acquisition of VICE News would expand his already significant media empire after he founded ‘Good Information, Inc.’ in 2021, which is an attempt to co-opt local news publications to publish liberal propaganda.

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Soros’ influence in electoral politics is already well-known, as he has spent tens of millions of dollars in recent years electing soft-on-crime prosecutors who have contributed to skyrocketing violent crime rates in cities such as New York and Philadelphia.

Soros reportedly offered to pay $400 million to buy out VICE News after it was valued at nearly $6 billion just six years ago.

The Free Beacon Reports

George Soros’s investment management firm is entering into a deal along with other investors to acquire Vice Media from bankruptcy, a move that would boost the billionaire’s already enormous influence in left-wing politics and media.

Soros Fund Management, along with Fortress Investment Group, are closing a deal to take over the media company for $400 million. Vice, which was valued at $5.7 billion in 2017, had been considering filing for bankruptcy, the New York Times reported on May 1.

Gaining control over Vice would add to Soros’s influence in American media. Soros in 2021 helped form an organization called Good Information, Inc., which acquired Courier Newsroom, a group that pushes Democratic propaganda on websites designed to resemble legitimate local news publications.

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