The usual suspects were arrested today on ‘Moral Monday’ in Ferguson, MO. Liberal activist Cornell West was arrested along with 49 others in the crowd gathering for a protest today. Radical organizer Lisa Fithian could be seen telling the protesters to break the line. She’s a lefty radical who’s connected to the SEIU (Obama’s Purple Army) She can be seen on the left side of the group linking arms pushing the protesters forward:

So what’s so moral about moral Monday? Sitting around protesting when these people could be actively going into the black community and mentoring the young black men who are so lost. What about the black lives that are murdered every day in the inner city? Why aren’t these people doing something about the REAL problem in the black community? Would George Soros not pay them to actually address the REAL problems like black on black violence? What a joke!


“It is our duty fight for our freedom. It’s our duty to win.”- Ferguson protester

Note to Ferguson protesters-YOU ARE FREE!


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