Does anyone really want to see President Trump’s taxes? This is all about the dirty Democrats and their 24/7 effort to destroy the president.

President Trump’s lawyers spoke out about how this is just ‘gotcha’ politics:

“Given the temptation to dig up dirt on political rivals, intrusive subpoenas into the personal lives of presidents will become our new normal in times of divided government…no matter which party is in power. If every committee chairman is going to have this unbounded authority, this court should be the one to say so.”

CBS reports that the Supreme Court just temporarily stopped a lower court’s order requiring the president’s accounting firm to turn over his tax records to House Democrats for their impeachment investigation.

It was Chief Justice Roberts who granted the administration’s request to stay the federal appeals court ruling against President Trump until “further order.”

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This delay is until the Supreme Court decides whether or not to hear the president’s challenge.

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The Washington Examiner reports that President Trump’s legal team had petitioned the high court last week, asking the justices to put on hold a ruling from the lower courts siding with the Committee on Oversight and Reform.

The committee asked for financial records from the accounting firm for the president as far back as 2011.

Could the Republicans in return ask for Obama’s records from college and everything else he’s had under lock and key?

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