On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to take up a significant case that could bring an end to the Biden administration’s attempt to censor social media users by coordinating with social media companies.

The case, Missouri v. Biden, resulted in a District court imposing a temporary injunction on certain Biden administration agencies that prevented them from contacting social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook to make censorship requests.

An Appeals court temporarily upheld the injunction, though the Supreme Court reversed it upon agreeing to take up the case.

“A majority of the Court, without undertaking a full review of the record and without dissenting any explanation, suspends the effect of that injunction until the Court completes its review of this case, an event that may not occur until late in the spring of next year,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in a dissent against the decision to reverse the injunction.

Republican Attorney Generals who filed suit against the Biden administration were quick to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case.


“This is the worst First Amendment violation in our nation’s history,” Said Republican Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey. “We look forward to dismantling Joe Biden’s vast censorship enterprise at the nation’s highest court.”

Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill joined in on the celebration.  “We are pleased to learn that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear this case, giving us yet another opportunity to defend the people from this assault on our First Amendment rights,” She said.

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