On Monday, the White House announced that Susan Rice is stepping down from her role as President Biden’s domestic policy advisor. Biden said in a statement announcing her departure. In a statement, Biden said when he chose Susan Rice to be his advisor, it came as a surprise to people,

“I surprised a lot of people when I named Ambassador Susan Rice as my Domestic Policy Advisor. Susan was synonymous with foreign policy, having previously served as National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador. But what I knew then and what we all know now – after more than two years of her steady leadership of the Domestic Policy Council – it’s clear: there is no one more capable and more determined to get important things done for the American people than Susan Rice.”

Biden continued, discussing how he believed Democrat policies helped the American people. Most Americans are highly concerned about the disastrous way immigration is being handled, with the Biden administration refusing to enforce the law. Yet Biden cited reversing Trump’s immigration policy as one of the successes he shared with Rice,

“Thanks to her tireless efforts, we expanded and strengthened the Affordable Care Act, released a comprehensive national mental health strategy, and finally enabled Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for seniors and cap the cost of insulin at $35,” the statement continued. “We’ve taken historic actions to reduce gun violence and advance police reform. We are addressing our failed approach to marijuana. We have embedded equity into the work of the entire federal government. We are making college more affordable and accessible and providing student debt relief. We are increasing access to high-quality child care and long-term care. We have committed to a bold national strategy to end hunger and reduce diet-related disease by 2030. We reversed the harmful immigration policies of the previous Administration, reunified more than 670 children separated from their families, and rebuilt the broken system of care for unaccompanied children, putting their safety and well-being first and foremost. The list goes on and would not have been possible without Susan.”

Americans are not blind to the disastrous decisions Joe Biden and Susan Rice have made. Twitter users lambasted the Administration. @Amuse noted, “Rice has been responsible for the Afghan surrender, the Ukraine proxy war, Taiwanese escalation, and most recently, the decision to abandon thousands of Americans in Sudan.”


Rick Grenell also weighed in on Rice’s performance, saying the media has ignored the “secret hand of Susan Rice for the last few years. She’s plotted at State and the intel agencies without scrutiny. She leaves the White House with world chaos in her wake.”

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