The Trump Legal Team and poll watchers are being barred from observing vote counting despite a Thursday morning court order.

Early Thursday morning, Team Trump and legal poll watchers are being REFUSED entry into the Philadelphia Ballot Counting Center despite a recent court order allowing Republican poll watchers inside the building. The court order stated that Republicans will be allowed within viewing distance of the counting…unlike Detroit, MI where poll watchers were pushed outside and windows were covered. The Democrats are attempting to steal the election which Republican poll watchers are being pushed away from the democratic process.


Immediately following the Thursday morning curt order, Trump team’s Pam Bondi claims “immediate access” to observe vote-counting in Philadelphia: “We plan on entering that building right now.” Corey Lewandowski added, “Democracy dies in darkness… This is a win for every person who’s cast a legal ballot in the state of PA.”

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Donald Trump Jr. quickly responded to the Democrat’s shenanigans tweeting, “We need a full audit of each and every vote cast in Pennsylvania. There is no way that anyone can believe that there’s this much statistical impossibility happening everywhere.”

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia mail-in ballot count has been temporarily halted as Democrats have gone to PA’s Supreme Court to try to reverse the Commonwealth Court ruling allowing Trump observers inside to watch the count. Are you serious?! The Democrats know they cannot win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes outright…so they are attempting to STEAL THE ELECTION while denying Republicans viewing of the ballot coun counting.

UPDATE – The PA Supreme Court has overruled the Commonwealth Court ruling favoring the Trump campaign on watching the mail in ballot count in Philadelphia. The mail-in counting is resuming.

Share your thoughts. Why do you think the Democrats feel the need to appeal the Commonwealth Court’s ruling allowing Trump observers inside to watch the count? Who do you think will win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes? 

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