Information we’re gathering on twin brothers from the Bronx reveals two guys up to no good. They were paying minors to strip fireworks of their gunpowder to make a bomb? Sounds crazy! One of the brothers had a diary full of information about what they were up to. The FBI and NYPD busted these two on explosives charges…

Two men have been arrested in New York City on explosives charges for making a bomb, multiple law enforcement sources told ABC News. The two arrests were made in The Bronx, the sources said. Investigators recovered bomb-making materials as part of the investigation.

Christian Toro, a former teacher in The Bronx, is charged with his brother Tyler Toro with explosives-related charges. Court records said the brothers were paying minors to strip fireworks of their gunpowder so they could build a bomb.

There is no current or active threat, according to law enforcement.

The New York Daily News reports that a diary was found at the apartment and has been attributed to Tyler Toro. One entry read in all-caps: “WHEN YOU FIND OUT I THREW AWAY ALL EVIDENCE [OF OPERATION CODE NAME “FLASH”] I COULD FIND IN YOUR ROOM, I HOPE THIS DOESN’T TURN INTO A SCENE FROM GOODFELLAS.” In another message he said, “WE ARE TWIN TOROS STRIKE US NOW, WE WILL RETURN WITH NANO THERMITE.” Another read, “If you’re registered as a sex offender, things will be difficult. But I am here 100% living, buying weapons. Whatever we need.” NBC New York reports that Christian Toro was arrested on January 31 and accused of raping a minor.

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