The French citizens just voted for their demise…They elected Macron over the nationalist candidate who would put France first.

Syrian rebel flags flying at the Emmanuel Macron celebration…

Sound familiar? Marine Le Pen is the Donald Trump of France. Her views are aligned with conservatives who want a check on mass migration from third world hell holes.

Marine LePen is pictured casting her vote.

We consider Le Pen to be a hero and a voice for doing what is right for France. Vive Le Pen!
If you don’t think France is dying, just watch the videos below:

You don’t believe large populations of Muslim immigrants can completely change a nation overnight? Guess again…

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Muslim men are flexing their muscles in France and using their own special “penal code” to enforce Sharia Law on French women. These women, who appear to be natives of France are actually finding themselves resigning themselves to the idea of changing the way they dress and wear make-up over fear of repercussions by the Muslim men in their communities. There are some brave women who are willing to fight back, but will that be enough to stop the complete takeover of France by the mass influx of Muslim men from countries who despise the West?

This video is very scary and should be a warning to all Americans who think it’s okay to import millions of Muslim men and women from countries who have no intention of assimilating in America:

Paris has been invaded by African and Middle Eastern’s chaos and violence…This is what happens with OPEN BORDERS! TAKE NOTES AMERICA! 

The area around Stalingrad Metro station was turned into a refugee battleground as rival gangs of migrants set upon each other in shocking scenes of violence.


Asylum seekers wearing hooded tops wielded makeshift clubs fashioned from lengths of wood which they used to bludgeon each other as horrified pedestrians looked on.

The blood-curdling brawl erupted just yards from the Stalingrad Metro station, where a squalid migrant camp has popped up following the demolition of the Jungle.


It was not immediately clear what sparked the early morning fight, but rival gangs of people smugglers have previously been involved in violent brawls in Calais.

And despite the horrific brawl, a pro-migrant rally is apparently being organized to take place at the camp at 6pm tonight.

Read more: Express

Watch shocking video of Calais residents attacked by migrants in front of their home:

France is dying…

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