A Texas appeals court dissolved the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal employees.

On Monday, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals dissolved their previous decision after rehearing the Feds for Medical Freedom v. Biden case.

The vaccine mandate for federal employees will remain blocked at least until a September court hearing.

United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In September 2021, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14043 which imposed a vaccine mandate on all federal employees, until a January ruling by a lower court found the mandate to be an overreach.

In April, The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Biden administration and allowed the mandate to be reimposed nationwide.

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Epoch Times reported that Justice Jeffrey Brown, a federal judge, sided with the plaintiffs this time and issued an injunction order to block Biden’s national federal vaccine mandate.

Brown referenced the Supreme Court decision from early January that found Biden’s vaccine mandate for private businesses stepped outside his authority.  Brown asked “is submitting to a Covid 19 vaccine, particularly when required as a condition of one’s employment, workplace conduct? The answer to this question became a lot clearer after the Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this month.”

The Roberts Court, April 23, 2021. Photograph by Fred Schilling, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

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Government lawyers insisted Biden had proper authority and “may prescribe regulations for the conduct of employees in the executive branch,” and  argued that “plainly conduct” included vaccinations.

Attorney Bruce Castor Jr.  spoke with The Epoch Times

“The main thrust of the argument is that the president doesn’t have the authority to issue an order like this, pursuant to the powers granted him in Article Two of the United States Constitution, and that’s the same argument that won the day in the Supreme Court regarding the 100 or more employees; the president doesn’t have that authority”

He went on,

“Instead of going through the checks and balances of congressional approval, which includes feedback from the public, the executive order cuts all that out. It just says, ‘My way or the highway.’ Certainly, the Constitution grants powers like that to the president in foreign affairs and protecting the nation from aggression from foreign powers. But he doesn’t have the authority, with a sweep of the pen, to affect the lives of millions of people, bypassing Congress,”

Amicus briefs supporting the Feds for Medical Freedoms were filed by America’s Frontline Doctors and Airline Employees for Health Freedom in June lending support to the case.

For many, the issue of medical freedom remains their chief concern, and the fight against all vaccine mandates will continue.  Posobiec went on the attack Friday, questioning Melinda Gates on profiting from her role in vaccine mandates after she complained about the Roe V Wade decision.





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