This guy has a rap sheet as long as my arm and is a career criminal for the past decade. He’s such a scumbag that he was already in jail for beating his girlfriend when he was charged on Wednesday. What a useless piece of trash!

joneskilwa An ex-con has been charged with first-degree assault and robbery in the brazen shooting of an Army veteran outside a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game on Friday.

Kilwa Jones, 31, was already in custody when St. Louis prosecutors revealed charges on Wednesday — as it turns out, county police had arrested him on Sunday following an attack on his ex-girlfriend, according to court records.

The pint-sized felon beat his his ex, Tierra Bankhead, in front of the former couple’s young children, and then held St. Louis County police at bay for more than two hours before he was taken into custody, Bankhead told the Riverfront Times.

Kilwa Jones, 31, faces eight felony charges in the robbery and shooting of a St. Louis Cardinals fan. – IMAGE VIA FACEBOOK
Image via Facebook
Kilwa Jones, 31, faces eight felony charges in the robbery and shooting of a St. Louis Cardinals fan.
“Something is making him evil,” Bankhead, 31, said on Wednesday. “He turned into a rage for no reason.”

St. Louis cops had been eyeing Jones since at least Monday in the violent robbery of Christopher Sanna, who was shot in the back late Friday night following a Cardinals baseball game. The 43-year-old Midas store manager was walking with his girlfriend to his car on Walnut Street when they were confronted by a short, stocky mugger. The couple bolted after Sanna’s girlfriend relinquished her Michael Kors purse, and the robber squeezed off two shots, striking Sanna once in the back. The bullet shattered two vertebrae in his thoracic spine and punctured his lung and liver, relatives said. Doctors don’t believe he’ll ever walk again.


Cops quickly put out a description of the suspect: a black man, between 5 feet 2 and 5 feet 4 inches tall with long dreadlocks. On Wednesday, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney filed a complaint alleging eight felonies in the case, including armed criminal action along with assault and robbery.

Jones’ ex, Bankhead, said she didn’t know anything about the robbery and shooting until she saw it on the news earlier this week. She had been trying to get Jones to pay for a birthday cake for their young son’s birthday when he suddenly showed up late Saturday and pounded on her window.

“Last time I heard from him was a month ago,” Bankhead said. “I’d been texting him to make sure he was going to buy the cake.”

When she finally opened the door, he seemed off. “He was really like high, drunk or something,” she said. “You could tell he was smoking or something.”

But he had the money. He handed her $20 for the cake, and then fished another $20 out of his pocket to buy pizza for the party, she said. They talked. He left. He came back. Left again. Came back.

This went on for a couple of hours, and he became more bizarre, Bankhead said. He ordered her to take an old stroller at one point, losing his keys at another.

Eventually, he came in with a handgun and wanted to borrow her car, she said. He grew angry when refused. He was furious when he returned again.

“He immediately attacked me, started pulling my hair,” she said. Chris Sanna was shot in the back on Friday after celebrating the birthday of his mom, Candis Sanna, left, at a St. Louis Cardinals game. – IMAGE VIA FACEBOOK
Image via Facebook
Chris Sanna was shot in the back on Friday after celebrating the birthday of his mom, Candis Sanna, left, at a St. Louis Cardinals game.
The former couple’s sixth grade daughter dialed 911 as Jones dragged Bankhead across the apartment in Spanish Lake, punching her in the face and stomach, she said. When the cops arrived minutes later, they ushered Bankhead and her baby outside. But Jones locked himself inside with her other two children, refusing to come out, she said. He finally busted a window to free the children and was captured when officers were able to get inside, according to Bankhead.


Cops arrested Jones, who is 5 feet 2 with long dreads, and recovered a 9 mm High Point handgun from a vehicle he was driving, court records show. He was charged with domestic assault and unlawful possession of a weapon. It’s not clear if the gun was tied to Sanna’s shooting, but regardless, Jones wasn’t legally allowed to have it because of his previous felony convictions for assault and resisting arrest. His nearly decade-long rap sheet also includes arrests for fraud along with traffic violations.

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