New Mexico State Police escorted Tomi Lahren to safety after a violent mob at the University of New Mexico shoved into the Student Union, to the auditorium where she was speaking, and almost into the auditorium, moving past campus police while chanting, “F**k Tomi Lahren! F**k Turning Point!”

Tomi described the frightful experience to Red State, saying she had heard rumblings that there might be a protest.

“Usually it’s small, it’s manageable, just some rowdy people, disgruntled liberals, you know, the standard.

So, a protest started. We were in a room. They were outside, of course, screaming and chanting the F word, disgusting things. And then it turned violent. They started pushing the officers that were guarding the door, trying to bust in the door. I don’t know what they were trying to do to me and to the others that were there listening to the speech, but they tried to bust through the doors. Then at one point they almost made it through the door….

Not nearly enough officers were present. I don’t think anybody knew it was going to be this bad. But then somebody pulled the fire alarm. Alarms were going off everywhere and we’re all basically barricaded in this room, can’t leave. I was escorted away for my safety by officers. Then we heard reports of shots fired. apparently no shots were fired, so thank goodness for that.”


Lahren went on to explain that her concern was for the safety of the students when the anti-free speech mob showed up and police struggled to constrain them,

“University of New Mexico, apparently they don’t care. They don’t care that students’ lives were endangered, guests lives were endangered. Like, never mind me. You do have your tuition-paying students that were in that room to listen to a speaker, and they were in danger. We were all in danger.”

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