Your New Self-Appointed Global Thought Police


The problem is that everything a conservative knows to be true about the theft of the 2020 election by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is considered a conspiracy theory by dirtbags like Vijaya Gadde, head of legal, public policy, and trust and safety at Twitter.  In other words, Vijaya is the right-hand-man to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


You might remember her pretty authoritarian face from a now-infamous interview she and overlord, Jack Dorsey did on the Joe Rogan podcast a few years ago.  In the interview, journalist Tim Pool beautifully annihilated her and Dorsey for their duplicity, hypocrisy, double-standards, and disingenuousness for hours, despite Joe Rogan’s cringeworthy ineptitude on the subject matter.  We strongly encourage our readers to see this 3-hour preamble to the events of 2020 and 2021:


Since that disengenuous lie of an interview, Vijaya and Jack have been very busy supressing the voices of anyone who disagrees with their world view.  In fact, recently Twitter has put their autocratic algorithms into anti-Trump anti-American overdrive, banning tens of thousands  right-leaning accounts per dayWe have reported previously about how Twitter and Big Tech has had a long plan to disenfranchise Trump supporters, and manipulate elections.  And, they are very adamant that this is a feature of their police and not a bug.  In fact, they insist it is going to get intentionally much worse:



“We’re going to actually be more aggressive in our enforcement beyond de-amplification (shadowbanning),” she says of censorship of conservative voices.

Why?  Because everyone who disagrees with her technocratic elitist left-coast world view, according to Vijaya, speaks in “coded rhetoric” that needs to be monitored and suppressed in order to deescalate the situation”

Deescalate what situation?

The situation of brainwashed leftists accidentally seeing truth and facts and data that conflicts with their Twitter programming.  The situation of cognitive dissonance within the minds of brainwashed leftist cult members whose instincts and common sense scream at them internally to stop what they are doing when they see the world around them and read the truth and facts being laid out by conservative and independent voice.  The situation of unknowing leftist cult members waking up to globalist technocrat authoritarian puppet masters like Vijaya and Jack Dorsey.

In order to complete the transition to authoritarian technocracy and corporatism, the past must be erased as well:

“…of course we are going to do a retro…and generally this will be most definitely folded into it (Civil Integrity Policy)”

Sounds like Twitter plans to ban, censor, and remove not only future speech, but also all speech from the past, retroactively.  In this was, no one will ever be able to know of the truth, data, and beauty of the previous form of society: an open and free American Constitutional Republic that created the most prosperity and wealth and health in human history.

But, how will they do it?

“….use a label that disabled engagements to stop the spread of potentially inflammatory content, which is the content around election interference, election fraud, stealing the election, that type of thing.”

Who decides what is inflammatory?  Based upon the actions of the media and Big Tech, anything that disagrees with a technocratic global authoritarianism is considered inflammatory “conspiracy theory” by global technocratic authoritarians.  So, again, this means that anyone who engages in ‘wrong think’ will be ‘shadowbanned,’ unable to engage on topics or perhaps at all with the outside world.  This could mean

If the free thought is too…free, expect Twitter (and likely all other Big Tech companies) to be “permanently suspending those accounts.”

The video ends with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stating that “We are doing everything that we can to assure that Twitter is being used in a positive way to effect society.”

This sounds nice on its face.  But, effect society how, exactly, Jack?

Through his repeated and persistent actions of one-sided censorship, Chief Twit Jack Dorsey likely means that Twitter must be used only to affect a global transition away from Constitutionalism and Western values and laws.  It is a reasonable assumption, based upon his words, profession, and actions that this transition would lead toward The Great Reset and the destruction of America as a constitutional democracy that was so effective that it became the superpower in history in less than 200 years.

Tucker Carlson made a keen insight on Big Tech oligarchy and their ties to the establishment politicians in America that everyone should hear and understand:

“Actions taken to suppress extremism will cause it….Everyehwere…the assault on free speech accelerates.”


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